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Round Table Discussion

Biweekly sessions where you can openly discuss psychological challenges based on a certain topic with guest speakers who are professional in relevant fields.


Charity Bazaar

Participate in our Charity Bazaar, organized by high school students. Browse literature, handcrafted goods, and accessories. Your support empowers local communities, making this event a noble and rewarding endeavor!


Orange Shirt Marathon

A heartfelt event dedicated to fundraising for Indigenous children. Inspired by the Orange Shirt Day movement, our marathon is a symbol of support for Indigenous communities, acknowledging their resilience and honoring their heritage.


Free Yoga Class for High School Students

High School Students are invited to an enriching Free Yoga Class, offering guidance in stress management, flexibility enhancement, and mindfulness cultivation. Led by seasoned instructors, all high school students are welcome, regardless of prior yoga experience. 


Heartfelt Wishes: Bridging Generations Through Art

High school and university students craft kind notes to share heartfelt wishes with seniors. The wishes transform into a compelling art piece, fostering intergenerational bonds and community connection.

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